• F9 True Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones

    Sold By: Estallz

    The comfort of the earphones is also very important, the use of the earphones as well as other activities to take into account the durability is very important in portable audio and professional areas,
    Portable audio headphones are relatively small, easy to be damaged;Professional earphones are frequently used and moved, and the cables are easily trampled and pulled.
    The headphones are made to be very strong, and the parts are easy to repair and replace.
    The sound quality of the earphone is more important than its technical performance. Since the shape of the head and the ears are different, a pair of earphones will have different hearing sensation to different people.
    However, the hearing sense of earphones is different from that of speakers. The sound waves emitted by the earphones are attenuated and interfered in the air. They interact with the human head and ears.


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